The Story of Chengelo

The story of Chengelo School in Zambia is a story of faith challenged, stretched, and extended far beyond the comfort zone.

At the outset, the Lord gave the school founders, a remarkable group of farmers, three promises:

  • That they would never lack resources to build the school;
  • That the school would be known throughout Zambia and beyond;
  • That in the years to come its pupils would have a significant impact upon Zambia.

God has honoured the first two promises in a remarkable way, and there are good grounds for believing that, over time, Chengelo will have a truly significant impact upon the development of Zambia.

About Chengelo School

Chengelo School was founded in 1988 by the Mkushi Christian Fellowship. Since then, God has blessed Chengelo and is has grown into a thriving community of over 400 students and over 70 staff – drawn from Zambia and around the world!

In recent years, Chengelo has gained both Junior and Sixth-Form departments, too.

In addition to this, a training farm has been developed at the school to help meet the needs of the changing Zambian economy. Through the farm, the school offers practical courses for students over the age of 16 – having a significant impact on farmers in the area.

About Ndubaluba Outdoor Education Centre

Ndubaluba activity centre at Chengelo
The Ndubaluba Outdoor Education Centre is an integral part of the school. The vision of the centre is to enable students of Chengelo and surrounding schools to experience a closer relationship with Christ, through Christian outdoor adventure education.

Read the book!

‘As a Witness to the Light (The Story of Chengelo School in Zambia)’ by Jeremy Collingwood is a book which charts the history of Chengelo School and shows how God has proved to be faithful and trustworthy in all circumstances.

Here is a true story which will inspire many who are interested in education in Africa and elsewhere, and it is for all who are excited by what God does when people respond in faith to the vision he gives.

The cost of this brilliant book is £8.99 plus £2.00 UK P&P. To obtain your copy please send us a message through our contact page.

The Chengelo Story Book cover - Chengelo Educational Trust

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